Our honey is like wine


Polar-Honey Finland is Finland's best-known honey producer. The Finnish apiarist association has awarded us its highest distinction given to beekeepers, "Apiarist of the Year". Our honeys have received many awards and garnered attention in the press also outside Finland.

We have 300 bee hives from western Finland all the way up to the Arctic Circle. During the summer months, our 15 million honey specialists fly about 12 billion kilometers and produce about 20,000 kilograms of honey. Polar-Honey Finland has also conquered the market in central Europe with the brand name Arktischer-Honig Finnland, and has become the most well-known Finnish honey brand. About 80% of our production is exported.

A novice might think that honey is just honey which always looks and tastes pretty much the same. We at Polar Honey spare no time or effort in producing honey. We produce local specialities and varietal honeys. To us, honey is like wine. While for some wine is simply red or white, connoisseurs will seek out the best quality products, in which they will discover an abundance of distinctive and exciting flavours.

We produce and distribute our honey ourselves. You will not find our products on the shelves of supermarkets. Instead, we invite you to meet us at markets around Finland and Germany and to visit Lappi-Tupa store and café in the village of Lappi in Rauma, where our honeys are sold exclusive. Of course, in our web shop you can always find the best selection of our honey products!




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15.10. Promising results from honey desensitization therapy

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