Quality Finnish honey since 1945

old beehive

Our family's first beehives, in the 1940s.


Beekeeping with over 70 years' experience Into and Pasi Seikkula.

Polar-Honey Finland (Lappi-Hunaja) is a family business located in the village of Lappi, in the Satakunta region of southwest Finland. Beekeeping is a long tradition in our family. Beekeeping was the lifework of Into Seikkula, who in 1991 handed the care of his hives over to his son, Pasi Seikkula. In order to offer you Finland's widest variety of natural honeys, we have developed our beekeeping methods far beyond those used in traditional small-scale production. Due to our vast experience, our knowledge is second to none. We have received numerous awards and distinctions in recognition of our exceptional craftsmanship.

Here at Polar-Honey Finland, we have over 70 years experience producing honey, and our production methods have been carefully developed, resulting in a superior product selection. We produce exotic honeys using the opportunities that Mother Nature provides in the diverse natural environments of Finland. Our bees collect nectar in the fields, meadows and heather moors of western Finland, in the unpopulated wilderness of the bogs of North Karelia, and under the Midnight Sun of Lapland, allowing us to offer you a wide range of unique flavours.

Contact information

Polar-Honey Finland / Lappi-Hunaja
Sahamäentie 25, FI-27230 Lappi, Finland
(The village of Lappi is located about 20km from the town of Rauma)

Telephone: +358 (0)44 557 2221
E-Mail: lappihunaja@lappi-hunaja.fi

Lappi-Tupa - Store & Café
Sahamäentie 26, FI-27230 Lappi, Finland.
Opening times: Mon-Fri 9-18, Sat 10-16 and Sun 12-16
(on public holidays closed)
Telephone: +358 (0)50 311 0780

Lappi-Tupa sells exclusive Polar-Honey products. While shopping honey you can also enjoy a cup of coffee and get to know, among other things, offerings of a second hand shop. Welcome!

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