Honey is especially good...


Just like that

Try a teaspoonful for dessert after dinner. Honey improves digestion and helps your body use the nutrients in food more effectively.

In a sports drink

You'll feel the affect of honey's energy right away, but because honey is made up of diverse sugars, it is also a long-lasting source of energy. Mix a small amount of honey into your water bottle for an effective power drink, which can be enjoyed during your training and will ensure a faster recovery after a hard workout. Mix the honey first with a dash of warm water to ensure that it dissolves, then fill the rest of the bottle with cold water.

In cooking

Honey is sour-sweet and can be used to great effect in meat dishes. Marinating in honey not only gives meat flavour, but also lengthens its storage time. A glazing of honey will give oven-baked fish a beautiful colour and enhance its intrinsic flavours.

With vegetables

Honey brings out the fresh flavour of vegetables. When boiling vegetables, add a bit of honey to the water. When pan-frying or roasting vegetables, stir in honey near the end of the cooking time. Honey gives vegetables sheen, improves their colour and enhances their flavour.


Freezing berries

Use honey to preserve the vibrant flavours of fresh summer berries. Whole berries can be coated with honey and frozen, or the berries can be puréed and blended with honey before freezing. Try packaging a purée of currants sweetened with honey into serving-sized freezer boxes. These healthy and crowd-pleasing purées can be thawed individually and used in desserts or as an accompaniment to meat dishes, treating you to a taste of summer all year long! A currant-honey purée is especially delicious with game dishes.

As a dessert topping

Honey drizzled or spread over pancakes and waffles - yum! Add a bit of honey to your ice cream and use it to top fruit and berry desserts. Fresh berries dressed with honey are a healthy and delectable treat.

At breakfast

Use honey to top your cereal, yoghurt, porridge, cheese or toast. Try honey on cheese bread – an excellent flavour combination!

As a condiment

A Russian classic: dill pickle dipped in honey and sour cream. Give it a try! Or how about Finnish leipäjuusto, or “bread cheese”, spread with honey and covered with a dash of cream. Bake the mixture for a moment in the oven or microwave, and serve with cloudberry or lingonberry jam.


In baking

Pastries made with honey as a sweetener stay fresh longer. You can replace some of the sugar in your favorite recipes with honey, using ¾ dl honey to replace 1 dl sugar. Substituting honey for sugar will add to the amount of the liquid in the recipe, so you'll need to slightly reduce the amount of other liquids. For best results when replacing sugar with honey, lower the baking temperature (i.e. from 200 °C to 180 °C) and correspondingly lengthen the baking time.

Finishing baked goods

Fresh baked rolls, still hot from the oven, will take on a wonderful honey flavour and beautiful color when brushed with a mixture of honey and milk. The honey will dissolve easily into warm milk. Or drizzle honey over warm pie; all apple and berry pies will benefit from a bit of honey!

In salad dressings

Flavour your salad dressings with honey. Honey increases the body's ability to use nutrients, and will enhance both the flavour and nutrition of your salads.

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