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Privacy policy based on the regulation (523/1999) 10§ of personal protection setting

1. Registry holder
Polar-Honey Finland / Pasiina Oy
Sahamäentie 25, 27230 Lappi, Finland
VAT: FI08390701
Tax number in Germany: 60/763/02896
Trade register number: 511.002
Place of business: Rauma, Finland

2. Responsible of the registry
Tanja Laakkonen tai Anita Ylitalo, tel. +358 (0)44 557 2221

3. Name of the registry
The customer database of Polar-Honey Finland (Lappi-Hunajan asiakastietokanta)

4. Reason of keeping a registry
Customer relations or separate approval of the customer

5. Usage of the registry
The personal information is used for billing and collecting payments. The contact information is used for e-mail marketing (newsletter) according to the approval of the customer.

6. Information included in the registry
- Name
- Address
- Phone number
- E-mail
- Information for billing and collecting payments
The information for the registry is acquired from the customers who have ordered from the internet shop and who have taken part on a customer survey or a raffle.

7. Handing over the information
Polar-Honey Finland does not hand over contact information to third parties.

8. Protection of the registry
Protection of the registry Using the registry requires a username and a password for the domain and interface.

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